Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Field of Glory 300

I came up with these rules as part of my project to learn Field of Glory. These rules are inspired by the DBMM 100 rules. They provide for an easy way to learn the game in a manageable setting. Plus, I can still play while painting a new batch of figures.

1. Armies are 300 points or less.
2. They must contain a single, non-allied commander.
3. Total base requirements are halved. Note that minimum unit size is unaffected, so some troop types will have an effective minimum equal to the minimum unit size.
4. Board size is 30" x 30".
5. Terrain requirements are somewhat different. Both players must place one required piece of terrain. Both players have the option to place a single piece of optional terrain. Note that terrain must be normal sized. No large pieces are allowed.
6. Flank marches are not allowed, but ambushes are.
7. Otherwise the rules are the same.

Let me know what you think. I'm going to fool around with it a bit over the next week or so, and update this post when I do.

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